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Ivermectin: Why are the WHO and Mainstream Media ignoring it?

Ivermectin: Why are the WHO and Mainstream Media ignoring it?

The anti-parasite medication Ivermectin has been shown again and again to be a safe and highly effective treatment for Covid-19. Given this statement, for which there is ample evidence, why are so many governments, the World Health Organisation, and mainstream media so assiduous in either ignoring it altogether or downplaying its efficacy?


Covid-19 is a corona virus which swept the World in 2020 and 2021. It originated in the city of Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei Province of the People’s Republic of China. The genesis of the pandemic is caused by infection from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The name of the virus comes from COrona Virus Disease 2019. The name was coined by the World Health Organisation. The WHO wanted the title of the virus to be free of political or regional appellations. Originally, it had attracted such names as the ‘Wuhan Virus’, the ‘China Virus’, and even Donald Trump’s ‘CPC Virus’.


Ivermectin has been a very successful medication with a range of uses. Since its introduction in 1981, has been extensively used to address a wide range of parasitic infestations. Common amongst these are head lice, scabies, and river blindness. It has also found favour in the veterinary world being used to prevent and treat heartworm and acariasis.

History of Ivermectin

Ivermectin is a type of avermectin, a series of drugs used to treat parasitic worms and pests. It was originally isolated by Satoshi Omura, a Japanese Biochemist. He unearthed the bacteria in soil near a golf course on the South East coast of Honshu, Japan, in 1970. Omura sent samples of the bacteria to William Campbell of the Merck company. He demonstrated that the bacterial culture could be used to cure mice infected with roundworm. Over time, Campbell was able to isolate the active compounds, naming them ‘avermectins’.

Eventually, in 1981, the drug was released and became very successful over the next four decades. In 2015, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to both Campbell and Omura for their discovery. It is now used extensively around the World. Ivermectin has been particularly useful in Africa where is has been successfully applied to River Blindness, a disease caused by infection with a parasitic worm. It has also proven to be a very effective treatment for lymphatic filariasis, a common disease in certain parts of the World caused by filarial worms. These worms are spread by of the bites of infected mosquitoes.

Application of Ivermectin to Covid 19

An increasing number of studies from around the globe are indicating the effectiveness of Ivermectin both as a prophylactic and as a treatment for Covid 19. Despite this ever-increasing avalanche of evidence, the WHO are still reluctant to allow the drug to be used for mainsteam treatment. Many countries have gone their own way, often despite the advice they are getting from the WHO.


Recent research that spanned several states of Peru showed that death rates from Covid 19 fell significantly within a couple of weeks following the introduction of Ivermectin. After another few weeks, the death rate had fallen by around 75%. The areas given the Ivermectin were spread around the country in an attempt to eliminate confounding factors. The results were very clear: administration of Ivermectin was a highly efficient, economic and relatively safe way of addressing Peru’s Covid 19 problem.

Oddly, perhaps for political reasons, the distribution of Ivermectin was restricted in Lima. The results again were clear. Fatality rates remained very high in Peru’s capital. Several randomized control trials were conducted during the rollout of Ivermectin in Peru. Each one indicated that the intervention was significant to a high degree of statistical probability (x).


Mexico is a second country that has had considerable success by employing Ivermectin against Covid 19. The virus hit Mexico in April 2020. In the early days of the pandemic, the country followed the protocols that had been set out by the WHO. As seems to be something of a pattern, following WHO advice resulted in the virus spreading quickly throughout the whole country.

By June 2020, people were becoming aware of the success that was occurring in Peru. At this stage, Mexico was deeply mired in the virus, the number of cases and deaths rising steeply. Originally, the only state where Ivermectin was distributed was Chiapas and, right on cue, it became the only state in Mexico to experience a sudden and steep fall both in cases and deaths (x).


Alejandro Krolewiecki of the Tropical Diseases Research Institute at the National University of Salta, Argentina conducted an interesting study the results of which were reported in September 2020. The study administered a dose of 0.6 mg per kilogram of body weight. This is a relatively strong dose of ivermectin but produced the fastest and most dramatic elimination of the Covid 19 virus when the treatment was started in the early stages of infection (x).

Following the original study, several states in Argentina adopted Ivermectin as part of COVID-19 treatment. In each case, the adoption was followed immediately by a flattening of the fatality curves and subsequently by a dramatic reduction in mortality.

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India had quite similar experiences to the states named above. Different parts of the country followed different protocols but those using Ivermectin tended to do particularly well. Progress was made against a sea of propaganda the purpose of which seemed to be to deflect India from this course. After all, it wouldn’t do if the World’s second most populace nation overcame the epidemic without recourse to mass vaccination.

Given that, I will simply cover the latest developments. This report relates to progress in Delhi, the capital of India. It seems that the distribution of Ivermectin to the people there has led to a drastic (97%) reduction in cases over the course of May 2021 (x). Oddly, this amazing achievement seems to have gone unnoticed and uncommented on by the mainstream media in this country (UK). It seems only a few weeks ago that the same MSM were lecturing us on how we should be donating vaccinations to curb the virus in India. One would have thought that such glad tidings would have been celebrated far and wide. Not a bit of it …

In the case of Delhi, this seems to be an absolute vindication of the decision to use Ivermectin. At the same time, it also refutes the advice of the WHO, the FDA, the NIH, the NHS in the UK, and the CDC, all of whom promoted only the vaccination route and roundly rejected Ivermectin (if they mentioned it at all).

Data from Delhi demonstrates that Ivermectin more or less obliterated the Covid crisis in the city (x). It is clear and unequivocal. Seeing this, we go from amazement at the difference the drug has made to astonishment at how such data could have escaped the attention of our mainstream media. CNN, NBC, BBC, and most of the newspapers, let alone the WHO and our governments in general, all seem to have completely ignored these developments. It is hard to escape the conclusion that all these bodies are single-mindedly intent on injecting experimental medical interventions into every arm on the planet.

The Scandal in India

Very oddly, after seeing huge reductions in cases after encouraging the use of Ivermectin, the Union Health Ministry’s Directorate General of Health Services recently reversed its advice and took the drug off of its list of recommendations. Given the previous success and the apparent efficacy of Ivermectin in the Indian context, this seems a strange decision indeed. This arm of the Indian government is at odds with the Health Ministry however, which continues to recommend both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. It seems as if there is something of a power struggle going on within the top echelons of India governance.

We have witnessed similar actions across the World. It’s almost as if the authorities themselves are discouraged from following the science and going with what actually works in favour of highly expensive and experimental medical interventions. I personally try to avoid indulging in conspiracy theories, but when government bodies quite cold-bloodedly turn their backs on effective responses and instead turn to dubious, but very expensive, alternatives, one cannot help but wonder what is going on.

The Role of the World Health Organisation

The WHO has not exactly covered itself in glory during the last two years. Questions as to its complicity with the Communist Party of China in suppressing news of the original outbreak still hang in the air. Further, their role in attempting to cover up the likely origins of the virus, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, also shows them in a very poor light. Their recent investigations into the origin of the virus seemed more focused on not upsetting the CPC than on discovering the truth. Just a few lines in were devoted to dismissing the possibility that the virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology rather than examing the issue appropriately.

The WHO, when founded, was a noble attempt to address health issues facing humanity. It has since turned into an organisation heavily influenced by political and commercial stakeholders. For example, the Bill and Melinda GatesFoundation, a ‘charity’ that promotes the use of vaccines, is now the second biggest contributor of funds behind the USA. The 4th biggest is the GAVI Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization). The WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, served on the GABI board for many years. The conflict of interest could not be clearer.

Throughout the pandemic, the WHO has made many serious mistakes. To this jaded observer, the majority seem to be ones of commission rather than omission. They, like so many governments around the World, seem intent on vaccinating everyone on the planet with these experimental ‘vaccines’. The amounts of money involved in this process are eye-watering. All this would be seriously under threat if it turned out that ivermectin was, in fact, a valid and effective treatment for Covid 19.

The Role of Mainstream Media

The Mainstream Media throughout the liberal Western democracies seem to have also found themselves deeply compromised in this situation. For example, about a decade back, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting pointed out that every major media outlet, with the exception at the time of CBS, shared at least one board member with a Big Pharma board. Effectively, this means that many of the very same people will be presiding over the actions of Big Pharma companies and the mainstream media. Obviously, if stories come up that are likely to show Big Pharma in less than a glowing light they are less than likely to be aired through these outlets.

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Beyond this, these media companies also take in huge amounts of advertising revenue from the big pharmaceutical companies. Compromising these highly remunerative income streams is probably not at the top of their agenda when deciding which stories to give air time to.


Silicon Valley is very much on board with the agenda to promote ‘vaccines’ for use with Covid 19 and, simultaneously, to denigrate any other way of addressing the problem. This is particularly clear in the case of Ivermectin. Searching for information on the drug results in huge amounts of misinformation and disinformation that seems to have the intent of discouraging anybody who wishes to look deeper into subjects that do not suit the promoted agenda.

Rather than Google, I personally use Duckduckgo for all my online searches now, though others are relatively good too. If you are happy having your searches heavily censored and have no curiousity whatsoever then maybe stick with Google. For the rest of us, it has completely outlived its usefulness as a search engine.


YouTube, being a derivative of Google, adopts much the same attitude. For creators on content on that platform, it is now very, very easy to have your channel de-monetized or even blocked altogether if you dare to mention anything positive about Ivermectic. An interesting example of this is the case of John Campbell, a retired NHS trainer who has made informative, sane, and sensible videos about the Covid 19 crisis. A more conservative, with a small ‘c’, character you could not wish to find. He recently became aware of studies relating to Ivermectin and was somewhat outraged, in a very quiet, British sort of way, at how the evidence was being ignored. He went on to interview Dr. Pierre Kory of the FLCCC only to find the video taken down. If figures as respected and moderate as Mr. Campbell and Dr. Kory can find themselves blocked on YouTube, one cannot help but conclude we are the victims of a hugely repressive process involving the actual and active suppression of relevant information.


Twitter has gone much the same way. Oddly, the people who run it seem to be forever signalling their spotless virtue and feel justified in lecturing people on all sorts of subjects such as freedom of expression. Yet this same body seems totally unaware of the irony of this when they suppress tweets in relation to Ivermectin, along with many other subjects.


Facebook has a long and dishonourable history in regards to censorship. The end of my personal tether was reached recently following a warning from FB. This was after weeks of attaching notes to anything I posted in regards to Covid 19. Until recent weeks, posting on the likelihood of the virus originating in a lab in Wuhan was deemed controversial enough to attract attention from the algorithmic censor. That particular subject has now, almost magically, deemed to be OK to be discussed. Unfortunately, Ivermectin itself still attracts the wrong sort of attention from Facebook’s dehumanizing algorithms.

Government and National Health Organisations

Dr. Pierre Kory of the FLCCC (Front Line Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance) used a senate hearing on December 8, 2020 to point out that Ivermectin “obliterates” this virus. He chose this most emphatic of words to stress just how powerful interventions using Ivermectin could be. Instead of celebrating this discovery, the powers that be and their media organs, including YouTube, went into damage limitation mode. The hearing was downplayed or barely reported and the video was removed from YouTube (If you wish to see a full version, I would suggest looking it up on

Given that we have moved on some seven months from Dr. Kory’s statement, I cannot help but wonder how many people have lost their lives or become incapacitated through needless exposure to the experimental ‘vaccine’ treatments instead of using the far safer Ivermectin?

Why is Ivermectin Routinely Ignored?

Given the data in regards to the effectiveness of Ivermectic, what we are left considering is why is this proven drug so diligently ignored? It’s very cheap, easy to prepare, it’s so old that it’s patent has expired, and so safe that it is on the WHO list of Essential Children’s Medicines. Everything would seem to point to it being a quick and effective way out of the predicament that Covid 19 has put the World in.

Perhaps the most obvious answer to this question is that the ‘vaccines’ have been rolled out using an Emergency Use Authorisation. If there was a reliable and relatively side effect free drug already available that was at least as effective against the virus then the EUA would be rendered illegal. Such authorisations can only stand if there is no adequate, approved and available alternative. From the rollouts in India, Mexico, Peru, and Argentina (to name but a few) Ivermectin fulfills these conditions.

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Without the Emergency Use Authorisation, the ‘vaccines’ would only become legal after they had successfully passed level 4 trials. It is unlikely that this could be achieved before 2022 at the earliest. Huge sums of money and many scientific and political reputations would be at risk. In an ideal World, the health of the population would be the first concern. In the real World, expediency and reputations may often trump such concerns.

Underlying Agendas

There are deeper and darker agendas underlying the motivation to ignore the effectiveness of Ivermectin too. Exactly what these are is difficult to define. It is quite clear, however, that some global and political structures are actively indulging in their new found powers to limit people’s freedom. All this would come to a quick and decisive end if, as seems to be clearly the case, Ivermectin is both widely curative and has a strong prophylactic potential as well.

“The Great Reset”

Certain key phrases keeping popping from the lips of our leaders and those with great influence. Perhaps favourite, and most frightening, of these is ‘the great reset’. Sometimes this is shortened to simply ‘the reset’ or we are informed that the virus has given us a wonderful opportunity to ‘reset society’. We hear the agenda promoted far and wide amongst mainstream political leaders whether it be Boris Johnson in the UK or Joe Biden in the USA, Angela Merkel in Germany or Emmanuel Macron in France, Cyril Ramaphosa in South Africa or Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya.

Amongst the non-elected global elite, we hear of the great reset from the likes of Klaus Schwab, founder and executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO, and Tedros Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO.

It is strange indeed that such an odd phrase should come from the lips of such a varied cast of characters. It’s almost as if some form of collusion was going on …

“Build Back Better”

Another phrase that is being heard now with an almost disconcerting frequency is ‘build back better’. The odd thing about that particularly apt phrase is that it was being used prior to the Covid 19 outbreak. It was on the lips of Boris Johnson during the 2019 UK elections. The ever original Joe Biden used it during his later campaign in the US. Klaus Schwab used it as has Pierre Trudeau.

“The New Normal”

This phrase has also become increasingly ubiquitous of late. You read it in the newspapers and hear it on the lips of politicians and others. The idea would appear to be to get people used to the notion that there is no going back to pre-Covid freedoms. The ‘New Normal’ is likely to include such measures as digital tracking, permanent restrictions (in practice, if not in name), and maybe even go as far as mandatory (compulsory) vaccinations. So far, the powers-that-be have hesitated before making these interventions obligatory but, by making life so difficult without compliance, they are effectively doing so.


Ruminating on the motivations behind the suppression of information re such interventions as Ivermectin takes us into some very dark waters indeed. Suffice it to say, for now at least, that all is far from what it seems. There are huge financial and political forces at play whose purposes are served by keeping the threat of Covid 19 in place. If there were a readily available and safe intervention that could be easily and safely applied then the whole house of cards would come tumbling down.

On the practical level, and given the choice between using a well-tried, relatively safe intervention such as Ivermectin or risking having an experimental procedure that only has an Emergency Use Authorization, then it should be obvious which to go for.


As more and more data becomes available demonstrating the efficacy of Ivermectin both as a prophylactic measure and as a treatment for Covid 19, it will become increasingly difficult for the powers-that-be to keep the information under wraps. Once the dam burst, there will be hell-to-pay as people begin to realise just how thoroughly they have been duped and how unjustified the measure to limit their freedoms have been. We are coming to a crisis point wherein people either submit meekly to ever more drastic impositions or, hopefully, they wake up from the propaganda nightmare that has been imposed upon them for the last 15 months. Either way, we live on the cusp of historical change …


After completing this blog, I checked the latest news from India. Case numbers and deaths are plummeting at a very encouraging rate. I read a range of articles from numerous mainstream outlets and was amazed to find no mention of the widespread use of Ivermectin whatsoever. Apparently, we are supposed to believe that curfews, lockdowns, and mask-wearing are to be credited for India’s success … (x).


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